1988년 AmbassadorEdit

Azul Santa Curx 0.6500.53 Edit

Andeer Granit 0.6500.54 Edit

Bel Horizonte 0.6500.55 Edit

Rosa Betha 0.6500.56 Edit

Bethel white 0.6500.57 Edit

Baltic braun 0.6500.58 Edit

1991년 BijouEdit

1991~1998년 판매.

Azul Santa Curx 0.6200.53 Edit

Andeer Granit 0.6200.54 Edit

Bel Horizonte 0.6200.55 Edit

Rosa Betha 0.6200.56 Edit

Bethel white 0.6200.57 Edit

Baltic braun 0.6200.58 Edit

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